With more than 26 million people taking cruise vacations annually, cruising remains one fastest growing sectors of the vacation industry among all age groups. But as the cruise industry grows, so do the options available and finding the right cruise for your vacation style is critical to fully enjoying your trip and getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Damon’s Getaways specializes in cruise vacations and can match you with the cruise line, cruise ship and perfect destination for your dream getaway. With thousands of destinations, hundreds of cruise lines (some offering themed cruises), we will make sure you are booked on a cruise that matches your vacation style and objectives as well as your budget.

Several factors to take into consideration when selecting the right cruise are the age range you are likely to encounter aboard ship, whether you are a family with children or coupled or single. Other factors include the time of year, how long you want to cruise, the cruise line and of course the destination.

Choosing a cruise line is very important as every cruise line has its own personality which appeals to different types of people. Carnival, for instance, is known for a gregarious, fun-loving crowd. Celebrity, by contrast, draws a quieter, more style-conscious customer. The two lines operate ships of similar sizes, and often on similar routes and at similar prices, but a regular Carnival customer may not enjoy a cruise on a Celebrity ship and vice versa.

Much like hotels, cruises come in a wide variety of price points with features to match. If you are on a budget, you can book on Carnival offering voyages for as little as $399 per person, per week. Or if you are going to splurge and money is no object, you can select one of the luxury lines like Seabourn and Regent Seven Seas and pay as much as $1,000 per person, per day. Rates can also vary significantly depending on the season. And there are hundreds of price points in between, and why a travel specialist can help you select the right cruise so you can get the most out of your vacation dollar.

Cruises are all-inclusive to some degree, meaning the price covers your cabin and all meals plus onboard entertainment. Things like bar drinks and sodas, spa services, and shore excursions are extra.

Cruise length varies from 2 days to several weeks. If you are retired, you can even take a 130-day around-the-world voyage. The most popular cruises, however, are in the 4- to 7- to 11-day range.

Probably one of the most important options in choosing a cruise vacation is the destination. From fun-in-the-sun on a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise to voyages to Norway’s fiords and Alaskan glaciers, the world awaits cruisers. These days, even the most mainstream lines offer sailings around the globe.

Still, not every line goes to every destination. And some lines are stronger in certain areas. In Alaska, one of the most popular cruises, for instance, two lines, Princess and Holland America dominate with seven ships apiece. Industry giant Carnival, by contrast, has just one ship in the state. Princess and Holland America can package trips to Alaska in a way most other lines can’t. Carnival, on the other hand, always has been a leader in the Caribbean, with more voyages there from more home ports than any other line. Whereas Norwegian, Viking and Holland American are known for its voyages abroad.

You also must remember most of your time will be spent aboard ship, not at ports of call, so choosing the right cruise line, cruise ship, as well as your destination, is equally important.

Another option you may want to consider is a themed cruise. To attract cruisers many cruise lines, hire well-named musicians, actors, authors or celebrity chefs as part of their onboard entertainment. They also offer food, beer or wine themed cruises, as well as sports-themed cruises like yoga or golf cruises. It’s important to note that it could be a full-themed cruise that runs the entire ship and the entire cruise or a partial-themed cruise where special interest groups can purchase several cabins in different categories. Then there are theme-inspired cruises that merely offer some extra special-interest activities or guest speakers added to the usual programming.

Whatever your interests or cruise aspirations are, Damon’s Getaways can match you with the right cruise vacation for you. Call us today to book a cruise for your next getaway!