Come join us on our fabulous group trip to the incredible Beaches Turks and Caicos. July 17-23, 2022.  Come enjoy the sun and fun of the island very large waterpark as well.  All inclusive and free transfer to and from airport. With a lot of time to save and get ready, all that would be due now is $400 deposit and $114.00 per person for travel insurance and the rest wouldn’t be due until 45 days before the trip.


Total price right now for two people is starting at $7523.88 which doesn’t include flights yet due to being too early for flights.

Price for two adults and one child starting at $7969.38

Price for two adults and two children starting at $8414.88.

Prices for having three adults in a room are starting at $8186.70

Four adults in a room starting at $8849.46

If interested please leave me a message in contact us and will be sure to get back to you will more information.