Italy hotelsItaly Group Trip- July 8-17, 2022

Flights are not available yet, so price doesn’t include any flights.
Deposit, including travel insurance, is $499 per person so deposit for two is $998.
Price for tours and travel insurance (which allows you to cancel for any reason) would be starting at $2721.00 per person. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY FLIGHTS. Flight prices and times will not be available until August 2021. After the deposit is made you have until 100 days before the trip until final payment is due. You can pay as you go and put any amount down as you like, as long as it is all paid by final date.
Hotels that are included in price are as follows. You can always upgrade hotels for additional fees.
Rome : Best Western Hotel Universo

Florence: Glance Hotel

Venice: Carlton on the Grand Canal.
Any questions please do not hesitate to write me at or call me at 570.468.2682

TRIP SUMMARY: We get picked up at airport by the local host and are brought to our hotel on the first day. You then have rest of day to yourself. Always the second day in the cities are the ½ day tours which you will get to see great sights and have VIP access to tours which means we skip the lines and do not have to waste time standing in lines. The third day is for you to spend as you want-exploring, relaxing…you decide. In each hotel we will have a local host who we can talk to about local suggestions of where to eat, cafes, places to see off the beaten path. Also, they are there to make sure we get on the correct trains going to the next city and have our tickets so no need to worry about any of that. We get dropped off by one host and then get picked up by the local host in another city. This makes it very seamless and takes away the headache of worrying about any of that and you just get to enjoy the trip.

Trip includes Rome, Florence and Venice