River Cruises Take You Where Oceanliners Can’t

River cruises are ideal for vacationers looking for new or different experiences, smaller ships, destination immersion and a relaxed way to see Europe and other destinations. It’s no wonder that river cruises are currently one of the hottest trends in the cruise industry.

The most popular river cruises showcase central Europe, including those along the Rhine, Moselle, Danube, Elbe, Saone, Seine, and Loire rivers. River cruises along the Douro, Rhone, Dordogne, Garonne, Po rivers in Southern Europe are also popular.

However, river cruises are popular outside of Europe as well including in the Asian countries of China, Vietnam and India. Russian, and South America have also seen an upswing in river cruise popularity.

In addition, several cruise lines offer river cruises in the US along the Columbia, Mississippi and Ohio rivers as well as other smaller tributaries.

River Cruises Offer Vacationers Destination Immersion

What’s driving vacationers to opt for a river cruise versus an ocean cruise is the intense emphasis on the places visited. On a river cruise, every day a new port is featured with many cruise lines including guided tours along with the cruise package. Unlike an ocean cruise where there are days at sea and tours are normally at your expense, river cruises are packed with adventurous and scenic ports of call.

This is especially true in Europe, where nearly every town and city were built either on or near a major river. It’s not unusual for you to be able to walk right into town from where your ship docks. Itineraries in Europe feature a diverse mix of sophisticated metropolises such as Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam and Budapest — and picturesque villages like the Rhone’s Provence, the Danube’s Durnstein and the Rhine’s Cochem.

River cruises are smaller ships which mean more opportunity to get to know your fellow passengers, as well as the crew. The boats are built long, sleek and low-slung, designed out of the necessity to squeeze under stout ancient and medieval bridges and through narrow canal locks. Typically, the ships, carrying as few as 100 and as many as 200 passengers, each feature one restaurant (where all passengers dine at the same time), few onboard activities (save for daytime enrichment) and evening entertainment that’s inspired by the cultures of the ports visited. So, you don’t have to worry about long lines to get on or off the ship.

River Cruise Booking Is Less Stressful

Although there are several price points and cruise lines, a river cruise, can also be more economical and easier than booking a land tour package. Plus, it’s a great way to see a lot of different places in a short amount of time without having to worry about arranging transport yourself or even unpacking your suitcase more than once. The convenience factor really can’t be beaten.

With river cruising coming into its own, there is now a lot of competition between lines – which means that’s it’s more affordable than ever. You can find weeklong all-inclusive river cruises for under $2,000 per person. And it’s not unheard of for lines to offer 2-for-1 deals or even free airfare.

Relax in Luxury on a River Cruise

And there’s no getting seasick on a river cruise. So, if you are looking for smooth sailing, a river cruise can be your dream vacation. And the river cruise lines offer new and updated ships. Today’s river cruise ships are floating, upscale, modern hotels with comfort and luxury in mind.

The all-inclusive nature of river cruises allows you to relax, free from worrying about surprises when you get the final bill. There are no casinos, ever-present photographers, drinks-of-the-day, spa specials, or high-priced excursions. It’s just pure enjoyment combined destination immersion wherever you decide to go. There are also themed river cruises to choose from included wine-themed itineraries in France and Portugal to Christmas market cruises each December to many European cities along river routes.

Let Damon’s Getaways book your next vacation aboard a river cruise. There is a multitude of locations around the globe that you can explore on a river cruise vacation. Call us today so we can give you all the details on destinations, cruise lines and cruise ships. And you’ll soon be saying Bon Voyage!