All-inclusive resorts are great for their convenience of having everything available at your fingertips, but for vacationers seeking to explore a destination’s culture and flavor, it may not fit the bill.

When deciding between an all-inclusive vacation or booking separately, the first thing you might want to consider is the expense of food, lodging, and drinks at your destination. If food, lodging, and activities are relatively inexpensive, you may not want to go with an all-inclusive especially if you are on a budget. Sometimes all-inclusive resorts can be just as costly as any other vacation.

Although the biggest pro of all-inclusive resorts, of course, is everything is included in one price, it’s best to check the fine print to know what’s included in that price. Some resorts don’t include WIFI or telephone services, laundry, and certain top-shelf liquors. Before you book, Damon’s Getaways will make sure you fully understand what you’re getting for your money.

Another pro is the convenience of having everything you need at one resort. So, if you are looking for a hassle-free vacation, an all-inclusive is for you. The biggest perk is being able to leave your wallet in your hotel room’s safe as you enjoy your vacation.

You will rarely run out of food options at all-inclusive resorts, and the stellar service is always a plus. A variety of cuisines are constantly at your disposal. Buffets are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While you’re lounging at the beach or pool, there’s no need to get up for a drink, as servers are always on call, collecting orders for any beverage that you desire. And if you feel like staying in for the night or eating breakfast in bed, a fully stocked minibar and room service are available 24 hours a day at most resorts.

Another benefit of an all-inclusive resort is the plethora of activities available including yoga on the beach, dance classes by the pool, art classes for the kids. You can take a ride in a catamaran, jet ski or a glass bottom boat. Or you could go kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, or horseback riding on the beach. Most resorts have excellent spas services as well. So, make sure your all-inclusive includes these treats to help you relax and pamper yourself.

Night time entertainment is always plentiful at all-inclusive resorts. You’ll enjoy live music, Broadway-style shows, comedians and karaoke! You can dance the night away at a beach party or in the nightclub. Some resorts also offer gambling.

Going all-inclusive is a perfect option for first-time travelers. All-inclusive hotels come in all shapes and sizes. Some are family-friendly, while others are strictly for adults and couples. Damon’s Getaways will find the one that suits your needs and rest assured the only thing you will worry about is how to split your time between relaxation and action-packed activities.

All-inclusive vacations aren’t for everyone, however. Seasoned travelers who want to experience more of the culture of a destination may find the all-inclusive vacation rather inauthentic. Some resorts cater to the masses and provide their clientele (mostly from North America and Europe) with food, activities, and accommodations they find appealing. The food won’t necessarily reflect the cuisines perfected by your chosen destination. If you want to mingle with the locals or feel the vibe and culture of the destination an all-inclusive resort may not be for you.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, you may not find it in the larger resorts, especially considering you can encounter crowds at larger properties that can create competition for activities, restaurants, etc. And with crowds, noise can also be an issue. In addition, if you are looking to venture off property many resorts are isolated from nearby cities and attractions, so you may have to rent a car or use ground transportation, which would be at your expense.

There are tons of options we can explore for you in all-inclusive vacations. Share with us the amenities, activities, and options you are seeking in an all-inclusive. Whether you are in search of a romantic getaway, a spa-like vacation to de-stress, or family fun in the sun, we can recommend several all-inclusive resorts that will fit your vacation needs. Call us today for your getaway dream vacation!