10 Tips for Traveling with Just A Carry On

With airlines charging for checked bags these days and or having to wait for checked baggage, combined with the ever-increasing possibility of the loss of luggage, you can travel stress-free with one carry-on bag. With the tips below, you can fit everything you need to take with you on your vacation or business trip in one bag.

1. Choose the right carry on. There are several brands to choose from as well as several types and
varieties. For instance, do you prefer hard-sided or soft-sided luggage, a luggage-type versus
backpack-type suitcase, wheels or straps? Do a bit of research to find the perfect bag to suit
your needs. Most airlines will allow a carry-on that measures around 9 by 15.5 by 21.5 inches
(including handle and wheels) so pick a bag that maximizes on that. Some people find it useful
to have lots of separate compartments while others prefer one big open space. Try out a few
options in store to see what works best for you.

2. Make a list of the essential daily items you need such as undergarments, socks, toiletries,
eliminate non-essential items that you think you may need, but really won’t.

3. For outerwear, create a clothing itinerary that works through what you will wear each day and
night of your trip. Pack pieces that can be layered or worn multiple times and only give yourself
maybe one or two extra options total – just in case. And if you are unsure leave those to pack
last. If you have room, take them. Remember you should leave room for items you will purchase
on your trip.

4. In addition, for outerwear, stick to a similar color palette so that pieces can be mixed up if
unexpected weather or occasions arise. For instance, for ladies, black leggings can go with
almost anything.

5. You’ll have to squeeze all your liquids into a tiny quart-size plastic baggie. Most beauty brands
have mini versions of their most popular products, so opt for the smaller bottles for traveling.

6. Shoes take up a lot of room. So, limit your shoes to three per person. That gives you space for a
pair of comfortable walking shoes, dress shoes and a pair of sandals or specialty shoes.

7. Smaller items like medications, jewelry, electronics, and cables can be hard to find amongst all
the other items. If you want to organize your packing, then get yourself a stash of several sizes
of re-closable plastic bags. This will make it easier to find these items in a hurry.

8. Instead of folding, roll each item of clothing individually, which compacts your wardrobe more
efficiently than folding and tends to prevent wrinkles. Youtube.com has several video tutorials
on rolling clothes.

9. Before you throw in that laptop or bulky camera with the large lens, think about what you will
need. These days, most people stick to using their smartphones when it comes to travel
photography because of the convenience. Instead of bringing all your devices, it may be worth
investing in small accessories for your phone, like a waterproof case or specialty lenses that clip
on and will take up no space in your suitcase.

10. Remember, if you end up needing something more, it’s a perfect excuse to do a little retail sightseeing. Also, checking a bag to come home is way less stressful than having a checked bag for your entire trip.